Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunshine and socks.

Just a quick post, to say that I've finished my April Socks!
I took the opportunity of the sunshine to take some photos of them in the garden. I was going to sit in a new hammock (our old one was left out in the rain too orange, so didn't match anything), but it turns out the hammock stand needs adjusting, and it's rusted so we need to somehow get something inside to remove that and.. Yes, back to socks. 

They're so warm and cosy!

And I just love the pattern. (free link here)

I spent some good time outside, crocheting in the sunlight. Although it was definitely hot, this is still England, and it was nice to snuggle under my ripple blanket, while making it.

Since finishing the socks, I started a black and white, pleated tea cosy, which I'm sure I'll show you pictures of soon!
I've also been working on something that I can't show you quite yet.. But I shall soon write up a post all about it, and schedule it to post when the time is right!

Happy Crafting!

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